Done is better than perfect

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Ahh… after several years of contemplating a travel blog– I’ve taken my first step to let go of the attachment of what I think is perfect and said f-it. I’m starting this even if it’s not exactly what I want it to look like. Done is better than perfect. Perfectionism is just another excuse to procrastinate.

So— I figure it’s probably good to share a little diddy about me… and how this came to be.

As of today–I’m a 29 year old from Atlanta. I have a small wedding and portrait photography business. I have a dog named Ellie– that I happen to be obsessed with, a loving boyfriend who has followed me around the world, and big dreams that I’m always chasing. With my schedule– I work my ass off 9 months out of the year. Be the end of the wedding and holiday season, I’m usually ready to check out for a few months to recharge before the craziness of wedding season begins. I try to make it a point to travel every year during my slow season and that usually amounts to one big trip that lasts for about 6-8 weeks and several smaller trips through out the year so I can keep my sanity in check.

I usually travel on my own or with my amazing and loyal boyfriend who usually meets me along the way for a couple weeks if he can. I usually try to recruit friends… but I generally plan these trips on my own first and see who I can lure in after. Once upon a time, I got really excited about planning trips with friends… and then it always fell through b/c of one thing or another… so I started just planning on my own, buying my ticket, and seeing if other are interested after. Otherwise… I would never go anywhere.

Over time– I’ve learned that travel is not always a financial or time priority for others– and that’s OK. But you live and you learn and realize that sometime you have to take that first step before others will follow. And if they don’t follow– no harm done, no feelings are hurt, no trips are cancelled.

Aside from what most people think–solo– travel is never a lonely experience. You will always meet others and you will never really feel alone. Plus– having autonomy to do whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want, is so incredibly amazing… I almost prefer this method of traveling.


I started my first international trip when I was 7 years old. My parents decided to take my family to Vietnam to visit relatives when I was 7 years old… and I believe it’s is probably one of the most influential things they could have done for me. Having a view of what it’s like in a different country is sooooo incredibly important at such a young age. Just the awareness that there is something beyond our fenced in yard is the greatest gift. It gave me perspective that not everyone is as materialistically fortunate as we are– but they are equally fulfilled in a different way than we are.
So– as an adolescent– specifically when I was in the 10th grade I had an epiphany one summer. I think after reading the Four Agreements I decided I wanted to live a life that I would be excited about. I wanted to embody an attitude and I create a path that would help me achieve this.

The first thing I did was make a list… as I do for EVERYTHING… And slowly… I’ve worked my way down that list. It’s crazy the clarity I had at that age. Sometimes I feel like I was much wiser then. And apparently— it’s been a downward spiral ever since.

Fast forward 5 years later I had my first taste of international experience as an adult. I went on my first big trip with my sister to Costa Rica for two weeks and fell in love with the culture, the spirit of adventure, and the freedom from expectations. From that experience grew an ever-loving desire to explore.

So long story short– I want to empower others to travel, to instill confidence in those who are afraid, and to give a little glimpse as to what else is out there. The world is so amazing and has so much to offer… and I’ve decided that my goal in life is to share that with others.

So– please feel free to share your stories, comment, and create a nurturing community for those who would like to embark on a new journey of adventure and exploration of not only the world but of themselves.

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