WHAT TO PACK | A Guide for Female Travelers | Randoms & Toiletries

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Comforts of Home/psychological necessities/Randoms

  1. Silk Sheet/Sleeping bag Liner and pillow case. Most people assume rooms are outfitted with sheets, pillow cases, etc. They are wrong. In India, not one guest house I stayed at had sheets. There was a fluffy, warm, but questionable blanket… that I used but only because I had the comforts of my own personal sheet to snuggle between. The silk liner takes up less space than a tennis ball and is well worth the money and space.
  2. I prefer in-ear. I would not recommend the apple-white ones or super expensive ones unless you want to be a target for petty theft/pick-pocketers.
  3. Titanium Spork. Because you never know when you need an eating utensil that is clean and sturdy.
  4. Eye Mask
  5. Ear Plugs

Toiletries— I’m a very low maintenance female when it comes to hygiene. That could be considered good or bad… But this is about what I take with me every trip.

  1. Floss and Toothbrush with suction cover. It’ll stick to mirrors… and you don’t have to worry about a dirty toothbrush if it happens to fall on the ground.
  2. Deoderant
  3. Toms makes tubes right below the carry-on limit. I hate travel sized tubes. It pisses me off.
  4. Bronners 3oz bottle of hemp soap. It acts as shampoo, body wash, face-wash etc. I use peppermint, but learned quickly that it is not smart to bring to a cold country… where warm water is sparse as peppermint has a cooling effect…  I’ll try lavender next time. Oh—and you can also use it to brush your teeth if push comes to shove, washing dishes, etc. It’s biodegradable so it’s nice on our environment.
  5. Shampoo/Conditioner. I travel with lush shampoo and conditioner bars. Mainly b/c on several occasions, shampoo bottles have leaked in my bag and it drives me nuts. Plus I love the way lush shampoo smells—like a clean hippie. {and yes that is an oxymoron… }
  6. {for the ladies} Diva Moon Cup. << No tampons. It’s amazing. I bring this with a small pack of panty liners and I’m set for several months. It rarely ever leaks and I only have to change it once maybe twice a day. And this alternative is also nice on our environment. This is especially great if you plan on being in a bathing suit or for travel days where you may or may not have access to a bathroom.
  7. Extra Dr. Pepper Chapstick – because I’m obsessed. Hair ties/bobbypins, tweezers, bandaids, nail clippers, razor. Scissors they will not allow on an airplane so I had mine confiscated… and lastly a bottle of nail polish. Just… because. Sometimes you look down at your feet and you feel like a homeless person and a nice refresher coat of nail polish will surprisingly make your day.
  8. Sunscreen moisturizer.


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