WHAT TO PACK | Technology Related


As a photographer and blogger—I carry a lot of tech related items with me so I can continue to work on the go—these are a few things I can’t live without while on the road.

  1. Iphone– Great for music, checking emails in a wi-fi zone, taking photos. I go no where without it.
  2. Ear Buds
  3. Camera—5D Mark III, 50 1.2 Lens, 70-200 Lens, 16-35 2.8…. But I think I’ll be adding the 24-70 2.8 to my list in lieu of the 50 and 16-35.
  4. CF/SD card reader with extra USB ports
  5. Phone Charger Cable/additional USB cables for the gopro, etc.
  6. Solid State external Harddrive. – I don’t recommend a disk hard drive b/c the possibility of it failing is much higher…. And since I use it as a backup for my photos… I can’t risk losing all of my images
  7. CF Cards/SD Cards. 3 16 gigs and 2 32 gig cards. I prefer the Sandisk brand.
  8. Travel Charger converters.
  9. I travel with a Symian Step down converter. It’s a heavy brick—but I can’t seem to travel without it.
  10. Journal—I prefer unlined and 8×10 size or larger.Larger paper sizes makes me feel like I have more room to be creative. Lines make me feel confined. since I doodle a lot… so I generally go with the moleskin 8×10 unlined or gridded. Not to mention the little back pocket is great for organizing stubs, loose pieces of paper.
  11. Superfine Sharpies… in multiple colors.

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