WHAT TO PACK | When traveling to India | A Guide for Female Travelers | CLOTHES

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Things to Pack:


  1. 3-4 pairs of pants.
  2. Yoga Pants—to wear alone, or under skirts, dresses, shorts, for extra warmth, etc. I’m in love with the reversible Wunder Unders from lululemon. They hold their form, compress, and provide 2 options when only packing 1 item for a win!
  3. Prana Monarch Pants. These are also versatile as the bottoms zip off into crops. These are still somewhat flattering, have sturdy but comfortable and slightly stretchy material, and best of all they dry fast. I’m pretty loyal to certain brands—and Prana is one of them. They always have great designs and fabrics. And no. They are not paying me to say this.
  4. Lulu- Studio Pants black. These are light and comfortable. They dry quickly and they roll up into crops as well.
  5. Jeans—often but not always. If I have enough space—I’ll pack jeans… but not always. Mainly because they don’t keep their form as well… and it takes forever for them to dry. This time—I packed Prana Skinny pants in Gray.
  6. 2-3 Long sleeve Over shirts for layering
  7. Patagonia Capilene 3 half zip in black. This is quick drying, great for layering, sweat wicking, and an overall versatile piece køb cialis uden recept.
  8. Light Gray Aerie crew neck terry popover. I love this. It has a wide neck which works great over tanks, sports bras, t-shirts, etc. It layers well over and under just about anything and is a casual piece that is loose fitting and covers my bum, but doesn’t look sloppy.
  9. Chambray/Jean Shirt. Great for layering—goes with everything.
  10. 5-7 T-shirts- with different fits, sleeve lengths, colors, some with and without logos. I like blended shirts that aren’t entirely 100% cotton. Mainly b/c these shirts dry quicker, are a bit softer, and they hold their shape better when drying on a line… or after a few wears.
  11. 2 racerback tunic length tank tops that cover my bum
  12. 1 ¾ sleeve dolman shirt
  13. 1 black men’s fit black v-neck
  14. 1 burgundy body skimming fit v-neck that is a slightly longer length.
  15. 2 t-shirts with logos
  16. 5 pairs of underwear— usually dark colors in a non cotton fabric … b/c they dry fast.
  17. 3 sports bras. I HATE regular bras… especially for traveling and I prefer to not draw attention to my chest… Plus sports bras have fun colors and patterns… I prefer Lululemon’s line of sports bras because they have funky patterns on the back and don’t stretch out over time.
  18. 2 pairs of Smartwool socks. I like the kids hiking socks b/c they have a better fit, they are slightly thinner, and keep their shape after several wears. Otherwise… my socks always look like those of the grinch’s socks dr. seuss books… saggy. Also—these wool socks don’t smell funky if you wear them more than once or twice or 50 times (don’t judge). They wick sweat, and they’re very warm… even if they get wet. They also dry quickly.
  19. Fleece or hoodie—make sure you like this piece because I find that I wear this almost every day. This time around I packed a gray lole fleece. I used to pack a purple American Apparel hoodie…
  20. Warm Compressible Jacket. Depending on the weather—This time I packed a Nano-Puff. Mainly b/c I was expecting possible rain and wind in Nepal… and wanted something that would hold up even if it gets wet… plus a lighter, smaller packable option. Last time… I went to India in Jan/Early Feb and I used my Bigger Down jacket EVERY DAY. I’ve only worn my Nano-puff once this time. So luckily it packs down small otherwise I would’ve been annoyed if it occupied more space
  21. Scarf—Make sure you love this. I wear mine almost every day. You can buy others wherever you go down the road… but it’s a key piece during travel on planes, trains, buses, cabs, etc. Last time—I planned to go to beach areas… so instead—I packed a sarong that doubled as a scarf, beach skirt, dress, blanket, head covering etc.
  22. 3 Pairs of Shoes—I’m die hard loyal to these shoes… but something similar I’m sure would be helpful. When deciding on shoes—I always ask myself… Can these be worn with EVERY outfit that I packed? If the answer is no… you gotta REALLY dig deep what is important and what you intend on doing on your trip. Ankle boots are cute.. but is it a necessity or just an accessory? B/c lugging shit around that you don’t wear or need SUCKS.
  23. I’m on my 6th pair… since the 5th grade. As a soccer player as a kid—and a pseudo hipster in high school— I’ve had an everlasting loyalty that began at an early age. They’re super comfortable and versatile. They are black and can be worn casually with pants, shorts, or crops…. And I can also be active in them.
  24. Chacos z2. Another Die hard loyal fan… I’m on my 3rd pair in the last 12 years. These have lasted me for the past 6 years. These are comfortable, sturdy, and versatile with a rugged tread. I can hike and do water sports in these. Plus they’re more streamline than Tevas or similar brands so they can even look decent with skirts and dresses.
  25. Shower Flips Flops. Cheap, light. I always bring a pair for public showers… Nobody lights foot fungus. I don’t wear Chacos in the shower because soaps and shampoos cause a mildew and bacteria buildup in the webbing and they start smelling funky. If you don’t care about smell—you can just bring chacos for this purpose… but I have a ridiculously acute sense of smell. If I can smell it— it is probably offensive to others… and nobody likes a walking pig pen.
  26. 1-2 compressible/reusable shopping bags. I prefer patagonia’s… because it zips into it’s own pouch. But—I often use this for a day bag to grab groceries or just buying things around town, a beach bag, separating dirty laundry, compression bag for easy packing. Plus if I buy souvenirs… I’ll often cram as much stuff in my other bag and check that… and use this as my carry on/personal item.
  27. 1 hat or beanie. For warmth, and to cover up bad hair day or unwashed hair.
  28. 1 bandana. To accessorize for my hair, or around my neck, and over my face if I’m traveling and pollution is particularly bad. Plus it doubles as a handkerchief, napkin, eye cover if I’m trying to catch some zzz’s in transit.
  29. Layers – I generally always bring a fleece, a rain jacket, and an insulated layer… that is windproof.
  30. Bathing Suit.


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