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March 4th, 2015

So—apparently EVERYONE is capable of making airheaded mistakes.

So—Sean and I just finish shooting this most amazing wedding in New Orleans (view images here) and I’m sitting on the couch hanging out with him and Sophia at their AirBnB place (sean is my friend/second shooter and Sophia is his adorable girlfriend who I like to claim as the little sister I never had—she’s this tiny little Vietnamese girl with this new growing hunger for travel. I love them!)

Sophia asks me… what time my flight is. OK— I knew it was around 7am-ish the next morning but wasn’t exactly sure of the specific time… So I decide to go ahead and check in and find out for sure. Well… I search all of my emails,, the delta app, you name it. No upcoming flights. So then I check my Amex account b/c I KNOW I saw the charge on my card. I find it… it says my flight was to depart… oh ya know one exact month prior from when I am actually supposed to leave.

To my defense— The days fall exactly on the same day of the week—i.e I was supposed to leave March 1st on a Sunday—and it so happens Feb 1st falls on a Sunday as well.. not to mention Delta’s calendar is kind of a bitch b/c when you click on the date you want to leave… it pushes the calendar forward or backward. Well… my dumb ass purchased a $700 ticket for the wrong date and when I called to at least change my flight—the entire flight was booked out. So after staying on hold with Delta for 45 minutes before anyone actually picked up… and chatting with customer service and management for another 2 hours. 5 am and $120 later—I purchase a flight that arrives in SLC at midnight instead of 1:pm earlier that day. I will say—asking to speak to a manager got me out of the $200 cancelled flight fee… which I was fortunate for

So—the next morning I get to the airport… my flight is 45 minutes late. I have a 1 hour layover in Atlanta before catching my connecting flight. I chat on the plane with this really nice guy who is a lawyer in west palm beach- He was in NOLA for a bachelors party. He kind of a reminded me of Alek and also that guy from grandma’s boy that sleeps in the car bed. Not sure why….

So anyway… we land and I only have 12 minutes to get from gate B3 to A1 before my flight was to depart. I haul ass with all of my luggage down the terminal. If you’ve ever been to the Hartsfield ATL airport… it is HUGE. MASSIVE compared to all other airports. It’s actually the largest in the world. I then haul ass down the escalator which much be at least 2-3 times as long compared to a mall escalator. catch the train… then haul ass up the escalator…|| Gear shout out:: with my packed–heavy ass Patagonia Wheeled Duffle on my back (which I am very thankful for it’s versatility when on the move) and my packed Think Tank laptop/camera bag. ||  only to realize gate A1—isn’t at the beginning of the terminal but at the very end. So I haul ass down that terminal. All that said— this is why exercise is important. To catch flights. Needless to say—I made my flight by the skin of my teeth. Huffing, puffing, and sweating my ass off.

I set up an uber to pick me up… the guy was super nice…. He kind of looked like a real live version of Peter Griffin from family guy. He said I was pretty and that I looked like I was 19… and he also told me that both of his sons ages 18 and 27 were single. He then showed me a picture of his fiancée—who was a lovely Philipina lady. He definitely wanted to clarify that he wasn’t a creeper with an Asian fetish… so he gave me a quick rundown of how he and his Fiancée met. Not a mail ordered bride as I maaaay have assumed—But they met on and have been courting for 4 years before he proposed. They were getting married in the Philippines. Apparently you can plan a wedding with 150 guests for only $800! All these life lessons!

Finally… dropped off at our hotel—which was the Grand America Hotel… WTF. It’s so nice. Alek warned me that it would be nice and to let bellboys help me carry my bags… So I definitely tightened my grip when I walked through the doors. I’m not a huge fan of people carrying my bags… unless I’m struggling anyway. The place looks like a museum! It’s BEAUTIFUL! I can definitely say I feel like lady Grantham from Downton Abbey. I could get used to this… But alas. I am a backpacker at heart… and less than suited for this type of audience. I more or less felt like pretty woman… minus the prostitute part.

Below are parts of our trip— taken with my iphone b/c I regrettably did not take my camera…. like a dumb ass.

Our failed attempt to go boarding. It was soooo foggy the higher we drove. We could barely see 20 feet ahead of us. Which means a dangerous boarding experience… After breaking my neck snowboarding before… we decided to not take that risk.
Salt flats in the winter– there’s about an inch of water. BEAUTIFUL. I ‘m so mad that I didn’t bring my camera. To my defense… I thought I as just going to boarding and I didn’t want to crash with my camera gear on me. Never again.
Seemed like a good idea at the time. But the temperature was 32 degrees and the salt flats actually felt like shards of glass. This is alek— piggy backing me back to the car. SO much pain. Not recommended.
It started blizzarding on our way back. Mesmerizing.

this is at the Coffee Garden– Check out my yelp review here.

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