Pet Peeves: Disingenuous Comments

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I’ve decided that… I’m not a huge fan of folks not using “I” when expressing a feeling towards others.

For instance…

“Love it!” vs. “I love it!”

“So excited for you..”  vs. “I’m so excited for you!”

“So sorry” vs. “I’m so sorry.”

Maybe I’m overly sensitive, maybe I’m a grammar Nazi, or maybe I’m actually onto something… I dunno.

I’m not sure why this strikes a nerve. It just does. I think growing up in the south, folks tend to say things that they “should” say… and not things they actually mean b/c it’s the socially acceptable thing to do. Same thing via facebook/internet… etc.

It’s almost like the “bless your heart” that southerners drop… It’s typically almost sung. I mean– it’s basically the nicest and sweetest way of saying… “aaaawe… you just can’t help that you’re a f-ing idiot…”

Let’s dig deeper…

When we say something and convey an emotion– we typically say “I” because we are expressing ourselves . I’m convinced when people don’t say “I”— they subconsciously don’t actually take ownership for what they’re saying and it isn’t actually how they feel. I don’t think a lot of people realize they do it. But– I see it as one of those indicators– like the way the someone will typically touch their nose when they lie… Maybe I’m looking into it. Maybe I’m just searching for things to be jaded… but if it’s NOT the case… why be lazy?

I think Malcom Gladwell should do a study on it… a follow up to Blink… just saying.

wait, wait… I’M just saying….



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