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So– I’ve come to the realization that I’m terrible at blogging. I don’t stay on topic. Nothing I say actually makes sense b/c I use this as a forum to let my brain vomit out loud… but I am great at responding to my friends… So.. I’m just going to post things I’ve replied to my friends b/c… I find it strange to just write things to a pretend audience that doesn’t actually exist. But– I do want to look back at things I’ve written b/c I find it will be a good reminder for me in the future… especially when I have kids. B/c I find that my wisdom has actually decreased with age which also means I’ll be fresh out of insightful things to say when that time comes.

So… quick run through. This post is in regards to a dear friend of mind who just had an ACL injury and this is after connecting her to one of my friends who is a PT and just gave us amazing information about her experience of injuring her ACL TWICE and opted to not have surgery the 2nd time and had pretty amazing results and was able to run a marathon and do an iron man and several triathlons after. Yes–she’s kind of a badass. I’ll ask her permission to repost her reply… b/c it’s so incredibly fascinating….

But– My friend decided that she would get surgery… and this is my response to that.


Yeah girl- do whatever you feel is necessary! I was talking to Alek and I was telling him that there is such a huge part of me that wants to be like… “noo don’t do it!” Only b/c my recovery was soo terrible and extensive… but everyone’s experience is different and the fact that you are already planning on doing a lot more PT sessions… it sounds like a pretty good plan. But— he brought up a very good point— that basically— If I didn’t have surgery… and I had any sort of issue.. I would blame it on the fact that I didn’t get surgery… and there is no way of knowing what the path would be unless you take it. So… it’s probably a good thing that you are having to wait a little bit before getting surgery b/c then you can see what it’s like before and make your assessment accordingly. 

I will say— I’ve had several random freak accidents and every injury I have become more and more cautious. B/c for a minute there.. I would just throw myself off of things b/c I felt invincible. And then body parts started to hit the fan… and its been a rude awakening to come to that realization that bones and ligaments don’t bounce like they used to… they break. I actually think that’s why I’ve gotten injured… as a universal warning that’s like… CALM THE F-DOWN OR YOU WILL ACCIDENTALLY WIPE YOURSELF FROM THE GENE POOL. 

So… even though you want to be as crazy and aggressive skiing… your frontal lobe will never let you be as crazy b/c we are programmed to learn from our mistakes. Thank you Darwin. We evolved because of our ability to learn. When I broke my neck snowboarding— Ever since then— Each snowboard trip— I cry when I take my first drop b/c physical trauma causes emotional trauma… and that’s forced me to be much more cautious.So… just a psychological thing to keep in mind… b/c you don’t realize that your emotional state is effected from injuries. It’s traumatic. Realizing that you’re not invincible… is heart breaking… and having to be reliant on others during the recovery time is soul crushing— especially for independent and stubborn ass women as ourselves.

So anyway… with that said— everyone will make their own decisions and whether you take one path or the next— you’ll find a way to make it work so that get back to doing what you love. 

Also— side note— studies show that stubborn kids grow up to be more successful than “normal” kids. So… cheers to being stubborn ass women. 

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