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So– a girlfriend of mine is putting something together and asked some of her friends to fill out a questionnaire. At first– I wasn’t sure what I was in for… but I really enjoyed answering some of her questions… and I figured why not share some of what I wrote… b/c I suck at creating content. So… this is what you get.

3. If money or time were no object, what is the biggest dream you like to achieve in the next five years?

So– not to sound conceded but– I feel fortunate enough to say that I’ve been living a dream. I travel every opportunity I get. I front loaded my adventures and focused on my personal growth and building a career. I refuse to put off things I really want to do for ‘later’ because sometimes ‘later’ never comes. I see my parents and my friend’s parents and how they struggled–  juggling raising kids early on and trying to build their career…. only to retire and feel the effects of hard work and age take a toll on their body. At a certain point– they just got tired and lost the desire and excitement for travel and exploration. Too much of a hassle. Mama ain’t no spring chicken anymo– and complacency is just so damn comfortable.

So… I decided that I want to have a life full of experiences to share with my kids– with no regrets or resentment for what could have been. Long story longer– seems boring– but having a family and settling down is the next step in my life that I’m pumped about! But– fast forward 5 years later and I reach my goal of being a millionaire in the next 10 years– I’d love to move somewhere out west in a fairly populated area with access to sweeping landscapes. We’d build a house… with a covered garage and an in-law suite. If I’m not going to stay in Atlanta– folks are coming with me!

4. What is the biggest challenge you face right now in living a big, fulfilling life?

Fear. Fear can drive the great and the miserable.

On a daily basis– I must talk myself out of being afraid to do the things I dream of. I have to encourage myself to take ownership of my life because no one will do that for me. If I’m miserable– I have to change my situation and risk the unknown. It’s scary to be out of your comfort zone– but what I fear more is a future full of past regrets generisk levitra indien.

6. If you could change anything about yourself or your life, what would it be?

I’m constantly auditing myself for things I want to improve on– so it’s a constant battle between who I am and who I want to be…  but currently– I’m really working on being more organized and being better at taking care of my body by drinking more water and working out more. Also–I’m working on building a better relationship with my parents.

So– all of these derived from witnessing my boyfriends father passing away from cancer recently. That type of experience really affected my desire to be healthier and harbor a more fulfilling relationships with our parents.

10. If you had a daughter, what would be the one thing you would want to teach her, or would wish for her to know or learn?

I want her to know that she is in control of her life. I want her to own her existence, her happiness, and her triumphs. I want her to embody her locust of control because nobody can take that away from her. Ultimately– her decisions and how she chooses to perceive situations will determine her path of happiness and I hope that given the opportunity– she sees the positive in every situation.



So– with this questionnaire in mind– as much as I would LOOOOOOOVE to have a son– of course– I would love to have a daughter. I would love to teach her that it’s OK to be feminine and strong. Babies. Oh man. Can’t wait!

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