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So— it seems as though every respecting lady struggles through the woes of purging toxins, uterus linings, and having lady issues all over lady clothing during a public outing. If you have a vagina– you know what I mean. It blows– and not in the two dollar make you holler kind of way. More like a– “damn it, I’m waaaay past my teens, I’m too old for this bull shit– I’m gonna scream” kind of way.

I don’t have any news for my fellow ladies who have terrorizing cramps during that time of month… except try hot water bottles, an otc anti-inflammatory drug– (advil), and avoid coffee at all costs the day before and days of heavy flow. Apparently caffeine will constrict… xyz… causing more pain/pressure/discomfort… I dunno. I get my information from the magic interwebs… I’m not a doctor… look that shit up on google.

Needless to say there are other woes regarding bleeding allover oneself, other people (can’t help you here), favorite clothing, etc. But ladies, ladies, ladies… there are options! Introducing SHETHINX!

SO… I’ll probably still use my trusty Diva Cup on heavy days– but I found these fancy panties. Well– Alek– my boyfriend saw an article several years ago–(he’s an early adopter– it takes me a minute to warm up to the idea) and I never really followed up because it was an introduction article just explaining the product. And then– while I was lamenting over my lady woes a few weeks ago, I remembered the idea– and googled period panties and up popped Shethinx <<  Use the Shethinx Link here:: to get a $10 off coupon off of your first order– for new customers!  >>>

The idea is BRILLIANT– especially for the traveling woman who doesn’t want to pack a ton of feminine hygiene products for her trip. And honestly– just for monthly use while not on the road– any way I can minimize what I’m packing, minimize waste, and keep me from waddling around with what feels like a diaper butt– sounds great to me!

I haven’t tried them yet– as I JUST placed my order– but after reading reviews– it seems as though some ladies are wearing them without any other type of protection– which seems very risky to me– bc my flow is heavy the first 2 days… but I’m thinking if I can use it in combination with my diva cup- it’ll be a match made in underwear heaven.

I’ve always been an advocate of the Diva Cup– once used just for conveniences and the glory of packing light while traveling– but then I adopted it permanently. So– a diva cup is a tiny cup you shove up your hooha– for all of you doctor folk that appreciate the appropriate verbiage for female anatomy– and you dump it out every time you use the ladies room. Is it a little messy? Yes. Any less so than tampons…? No. Does it leak every once in a while when you forget and it’s been a minute before hitting a bathroom stall? Yes. But what doesn’t? Does it avoid the obnoxious feeling of a tampon string dangling around up in your junk YES. Does it avoid the feeling of having to wear a diaper all day…? FO SHO.

Either way– I’ll post more info once I my fancy undies– and I’ll do my best to review my thoughts once I use them!

Until then– happy bleeding!

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